About Me


Hi everyone! Welcome to my blog and thank you so much for all your support. I really appreciate it. 

My name is Zoe and I originally come from Greece but I have been living in the UK for almost 20 years where I initially came for Uni and I then stayed for good . I am a Doctor , a GP,  and I run my own surgery together with another 2 partners .  This blog though is not about Medicine but rather a way out of Medicine 🙂 . 

How it all started with fashion is that I always liked dressing up as a way to express my creativity but also as a way to get away from my stresses or various problems and it slowly developed into a full time passion . A lot of people used to say to me that I should have my own blog since I love fashion so much and also always have to say a lot , plus a lot of friends or acquaintances have found inspiration through my outfits . 

It was only though after attending Milan Fashion Week in 2015 ( F/W 2015) that my blog was born and I became more active on Instagram. 

Through the years some of my outfits have been featured in the print version of the Greek Cosmopolitan  and  I was also featured in the whowhatwearuk page through the #wentoutlikethis . In July 2017 one of my looks was featured in the Who What Wear website following their wardrobe challenge competition #WWWSummer30 . I think this was my proudest moment . 

Through the birth of my son , obviously my blog work became slower as he took priority but I returned to it full of passion.

I consider myself lucky enough to not be depending on my blog or instagram work to gain an income so I will always work with companies/ brands that really resonate with my style and ethos. 

In the past year I had the pleasure of being involved with the wonderful team of Tessuti and Tessuti woman and the Moose Knuckles Canada  team in the promotion of the Moose Knuckles Shady Maple Motel F/W 18 collection . 

I also really enjoyed being one of the influencers selected by the wonderful Jo Malone team to help with the promotion of the limited edition scents for mother’s day. 

I am very happy and very grateful that I have the followers that I do because a lot of them have been supporting me for years and make me want to create even more content. I look forward to continuing to share my outfits and my passion for fashion and life in general and I hope I can inspire you to live every day to the fullest and achieve your dreams. 

Thank you so much for following along and please feel free to send me you thoughts and your comments anytime xx